BSc (Hons), CTC, CPDT

Follow-up visits with a rehabilitation trainer may be recommended to demonstrate practical aspects of the treatment plan. These are at an additional cost with the duration and number of visits dependent on the severity of the problem. This follow-up is provided by Rosemarie Tang, BSc (Hons), CTC, CPDT who is a USA certified animal trainer and behaviour counsellor with over 13 years of training experience. Rose is Hong Kong’s  U.S. trained Nationally Certified Professional Pet Dog Trainer with Animal Behaviour Counsellor Certification from the San Francisco SPCA. She has extensive animal care and training experience working in the SPCA for over 7 years and is a popular speaker for various organizations including the HK government for dog handlers, training instructors and pet guardians. She also had a popular dog training education show at Hong Kong Ocean Park. Rose has trained alongside the world’s most renowned and prestigious animal trainers, training cats, dogs, chickens, tigers, alligators, goldfishes, guinea pigs, rabbits and dolphins, etc.

She has continued to build on her skill set and is now widely recognised as one of Hong Kong’s pre-eminent animal trainers. With 3 cats and 2 dogs of her own, it seems Rose can’t avoid taking work home from the office.