Behavioural Consultations

What to Expect?

Consultations take place in the client’s home. This allows the animal to be observed in its own environment. We recommend that all adult family members as well as any domestic helpers are present at the consultation if possible. Older children may also benefit from attending. During the consultation an in-depth history is taken, including environmental factors, medical and behavioural history to identify the problem behaviours and to understand the motivations behind the behaviour. Once a diagnosis is made, realistic expectations will be communicated to the client with regard to prognosis and a behavioural modification programme is then formulated which includes practical rehabilitation training and may also include drug and/or natural therapies.

We provide the following services

  • Preventative counselling – Advice is given to clients on how to prevent or minimise behavioural problems.

  • Pre-selection consultations – This helps clients with selecting an appropriate pet for their circumstances.

  • Follow-up support – Clients receive a comprehensive written report with a copy to their veterinary surgeon as and when required as well as 12 months telephone follow-up support.

  • Important information – Only positive, reward-based methods are used in our behaviour modification programmes. We do not approve of the use of aversive techniques or gadgets, such as shock collars and choke chains.

  • Follow-up visits with our rehabilitation trainer Rosemarie Tang. Click on the button for more information.

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